Determining factor for rural development of the territory is a constructive exchange of information of the actors. The Sesamo Software has developed a platform with supporting tools, such as forums and questionnaires

The Multifunctional Platform.

The platform aims to create a virtual place that photographers territorial reality and allowing for the exchange and monitoring of information and knowledge between the different actors.

A real observatory of rural development policies, it is a place into which converge all activities in the rural area, where you can follow all the processes related to them, with the added value of the company's multi-functionality, true inspiration for starting of the engine that has always been represent the agribusiness activity, towing for the development of local areas.

The task is to link companies and encourage their cooperation, make available to the largest number of integration tools and incentives an companies to pursue a career in business multifunctionality.


Information Portal

The web portal of multifunctionality, with multilingual support, becomes growth driver of all activities in the area, contributing to the "territorial multifunctionality."

The portal enables businesses to highlight the added value (corporate multifunctionality) obtained by the introduction of different activities, exploiting the same resources, in turn, become territorial surplus value and then re-launch of the same engine.

The portal has a dual function, informative and collaborative:
 - Provides information on networks, organizations, businesses, services offered, events, environmental and landscape heritage;
 - Favors the meeting between all actors, becoming the center of the exchange of opinions and ideas through the forum, the social network and the internal messaging.
allows the exchange of multimedia documentation, useful for the development, with the use of profiled repository and accessed based on roles and dedicated tasks.


Use the Platform as an Observatory

The IT platform, observatory of rural development policies, it is a tool to gather information and knowledge, with links to a number of structured databases so as to contain all the information; a system able to communicate the results in a simple and understandable, using web 2.0 applications and tools such as blogs and forums.



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